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where we work

Uttarakhand, India

Educate Girls Globally launched its first operational project in 2002 in the north Indian state of Uttarakhand. Under an agreement with the State Department of Education in Uttarakhand, EGG ramped up its school reform program serving 1,400 primary and upper-primary schools. Over a two-year period, the project focused on community mobilization to raise the enrollment and retention rate of girls in school. To increase the program’s impact, EGG modified its strategy and deepened its engagement with school leaders and other major stakeholders.

In 2013, EGG adapted its successful school reform model to secondary education and initiated a pilot in 50 schools serving over 22,000 girls. The two-year project was completed in 2015 and EGG consequently added a second district with 50 more schools to its program, now serving a total of nearly 35,000 girls. A comparison of pre- and post-program studies found that girls attending EGG schools showed higher retention and graduation rates. The evaluation also showed increases in state exam scores and more secondary school girls passing math and science courses. Learn more.

Encouraged by the Indian State Departments, EGG is preparing to expand to 500 schools in Uttarakhand. The International Center for Research on Women highlighted the significance of EGG’s model, while working in the most traditional and tribal communities.

[It] appears to accomplish a cultural shift in traditional communities, shifting them away from fatalistic passivity that promotes only a continuation of habits . . . to a more active, conscious, creative frame of mind that sees possibilities and especially sees opportunities of people to take control of their lives and improve them.

Rajasthan, India

In 2006, EGG launched a project in Rajasthan, the most tribal state in India, partnering with the state department of education and the World Economic Forum. The project grew from 50 to 500 schools in 2008; and at that time, EGG founded Educate Girls in India (EG) to increase local support. The project then expanded to one entire district – 2,342 schools serving 260,000 children – and then to another district. EG has continued to apply EGG’s model to broaden its work to improve girls’ education.

An evaluation of 500 EGG project schools in Rajasthan found increased enrollment and attendance as well as learning gains using Creative Learning Techniques (CLT). Find out more about the impact from the EGG program in Rajasthan, India.