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Creative Learning Techniques

Educate Girls Globally delivers professional development to teachers so they have creative and interactive approaches to replace rote learning. This new style of teaching leads to a more engaging learning environment and results in improved student performance. EGG provides leader-led training to at least 2 teachers at every project school. These teacher leaders are then responsible for demonstrating the creative learning and teaching techniques to the rest of the school’s teachers so all students can benefit and raise their academic achievement.

Unlike many other non-profit organizations working in global education, EGG focuses on girls in upper primary and secondary schools. In 2000-2015, the Millennium Development Goals spurred real increases in access to schooling around the world. Enrollment in primary schools in developing countries reached 91 percent in 2015, up from 83 percent in 2000. However, learning gains were slow and disappointing. Both enrollment and learning still lag in secondary schools. But EGG’s CLT program has dramatically improved girls’ learning in math, Hindi, and English in just a few months (read more under Impact). Girls who reach proficiency in math and languages when young are far better equipped to succeed in secondary school. EGG thus focuses on the quality of learning.