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Results In Sum

In EGG Program schools

*More girls who have been out of school choose to come back when EGG programs start

*Nearly all EGG girls graduate

*Their learning surges

*Our girls break paths and lead


Results In Uttarakhand: 50 Secondary Schools, 25,000 Students

  • After four years of EGG’s program, 94% of students passed 12th grade exams, versus about 60% when EGG started. Non-EGG schools barely gained.
  • Seeing Girls’ Parliaments convinced Government to start EGG’s program in all schools.
  • EGG’s program costs under $5 per student.

Results In Rajasthan: 500 Elementary Schools, 37,000 Girls

  • After two years of EGG’s program, 90% of out-of-school girls enrolled, raising total enrollment to 99%, versus 90% in non-EGG schools.
  • Half of students with Creative Learning Techniques achieved math competence versus one-fourth in non-EGG schools.
  • EGG’s program cost under $2 per student per year.