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November 2015 Summary

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Monthly Summary

Educate to Empower

Celebrating Diwali and Dispelling Myths Through Life Skills Training

During the month of November, 11 School Management Committee (SMC) meetings were held in Haridwar where EGG’s program was initiated in May 2015. In the Udahm Singh Nagar district, teachers and parents are increasingly involved and accountable for their schools as the program is in its sustainability phase.

Thirty-seven SMC meetings took place and more than one hundred Life Skills Training sessions were held in both project districts. The monthly progress summary for the two districts in Uttarakhand are as follows.

Udham Singh Nagar: Sustainability Project (May 2015 to April 2018)

  • In November, 37 project schools organized SMC meetings and 18 action plans were completed. 26 new action plans were formulated in November increasing the total number of action plans to 285. To date, 66 plans (23%) have been completed and 20 (7%) are in process.
  • Almost half of the action plans are related to infrastructural development, i.e. insufficient classrooms, toilets and furniture. Water and sanitation is another major priority, followed by enhancing the quality of education, improving school management, and other concerns such as safety and removing trees from the school playground.
  • Girls Parliament (GP) from 16 EGG schools completed 21 action plans. Their projects include cleaning school premises, placing trash cans in girls’ toilets, mounting wall clocks in classrooms and maintaining GP Charts and Registers.
  • A total of 63 Life Skills Training sessions were organized which benefitted nearly 2,400 girls in 43 EGG schools. The training continued to focus on the important stages of adolescence and various physical changes including health and hygiene.
  • In November, 17 GSS meetings were held in the villages. Although the exact number is unknown, enrollment of dropout girls in government schools and NIOS has increased since the GSS community began meeting in May 2015.


Haridwar: Two-Year Pilot Program (May 2015 to April 2017)

  • During this month of Diwali, 11 schools held SMC meetings. 43 out of 50 project schools have developed a total of 328 Whole School Development Plans (WSDPs), of which 53 (16%) were completed and 66 (20%) are in progress.
  • Seven out of the 50 project schools in Haridwar are still organizing their first SMC training since the EGG pilot program began in May.
  • Many of the Girls Parliaments in the Haridwar project schools are in full swing as they have completed all or over half of their action plans. Forty-six Life Skills Training sessions were organized for girls in 9th through 12th grade. The daylong classes taught various issues of adolescence.
  • In November, 43 GSS community meetings were held in villages that were attended by 906 people. Participants discussed and indicated various reasons why girls drop out of schools including poverty, far distance between the school and the village, parents’ preference and decision. 112 girls in the Haridwar district were identified as dropouts.