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Evaluation Findings

Primary Government Schools
Rajasthan, India

In a partnership with the Ministries of Uttarakhand and Rajasthan in India, EGG jointly implemented a reform program to advance girlsʼ education in over 7,000 primary government schools. EGGʼs empowerment model encourages all major stakeholders including parents, school leaders, teachers and girl students to become active participants and collectively spur improvements at their childrenʼs schools.

Improved Learning

New elements to EGGʼs model including life-skills training for girls and a Creative Learning Program (CLP) were introduced in 2009 in Rajasthan schools. CLP divides classes into groups, encouraging students to teach each other, and uses fun educational activities to make learning more engaging. These enhancements improve the learning process and minimizes total dependence on teachers. After three months, students from 53 EGG project schools experienced the following increases in learning. (Results below are shown in percentages.)


Increased Enrollment And Attendance

A two-year evaluation of all 500 EGG project schools in Rajasthan revealed other areas of improvement by students.

Secondary School Research

In 2013, EGG adapted its successful school reform model to improving the quality of learning for girls in secondary education. Learn about the research findings from the two-year pilot program that was implemented in 50 government schools in Uttarakhand, India.