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Educate Girls Globally thanks all our partners, donors and volunteers that make up our community. We greatly value your contributions in time, talent and treasure. Without your ongoing support, the work we do to transform girls’ lives through education would not be possible.

Through our combined resources and efforts, we have built a foundation for successful school reform. In 2013, we piloted a two-year program in 50 secondary government schools in Uttarakhand, India that served 22,000 adolescent girls. Post-evaluation results show that the girls who participated in the EGG program attended school at a higher rate, had higher test scores and were more likely to graduate from twelfth grade. In 2015, we began the next phase – a three-year sustainability project of transitioning the management of the program to the schools and government leaders.

With your continued support, we can strengthen this foundation and move forward to empower and educate more girls. By working with the government which is now firmly managing there current school projects, EGG can plan and implement expansion throughout the state and country Over the course of this transition to the government, the costs per student will decline as the government steps in to invest more in education.

If you are interested in joining our community, please contact Anjula Tyagi at anjula.tyagi@educategirls.org.


The Global Goals adopted by 193 governments in 2015 include a 17-point plan to end poverty, halt climate change and fight injustice and inequality. Global Goal 17 focuses on developing and revitalizing global partnerships to strengthen the means of implementation of all Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

A critical component of EGG’s model to achieve education reform is partnering with public and private organizations that have high visibility and impact in education. Our first partners are government entities such as the state ministries of education where we work. As EGG expands, we are looking at potential partnerships with federal departments including the Ministries of Education and Health in India.

Successful partnerships come in all sizes and shapes. It may start with a two-year pilot program in 50 schools (i.e., Uttarakhand, India) or a smaller project with 2-3 schools in needy, but untested areas. Alliances with universities are another possibility. By partnering with professors and graduate students in higher education for field research or project implementation, this can open doors to a much wider audience and community. It can also potentially lead to new funders.

To advance to larger scales of systemic change through girls’ empowerment, EGG needs partners. We cannot do this by ourselves. Partnerships create opportunities, whether it’s a new agreement for a joint investment in resources or initiating a conversation to discuss possibilities. We invite you to consider developing partnerships to achieve the substantial work required to educate girls globally. If you are interested in discussing partnership opportunities with EGG, please contact Anjula Tyagi at anjula.tyagi@educategirls.org.

Partner Organizations

Clinton Global Initiative
Department of Education, Gujarat, India
Department of Education, Rajasthan, India
Department of Education, Uttarakhand, India
Educate Girls Globally Foundation
Foundation to Educate Girls Globally (Educate Girls)
GEMS Education HNB Garhwal University, India
International Center for Economic Growth
International Center for Research on Women
Ministry of Science and Technology, India
National Institute of Open Schools
Opportunity Collaboration


Educate Girls Globally is grateful to all the organizations, foundations and individual donors who contribute funds and services to ensure our programs run smoothly. No matter how small or large, every dollar counts and makes a huge difference to the communities that we serve. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If an error has been made, please accept our sincerest apologies and contact us so that we can update our records. If you would like to change your information or recognition name, please contact Anjula Tyagi, at anjula.tyagi@educategirls.org.


Amazon Smile Foundation
American School of Dubai, UAE
Baumann Foundation
California Community Foundation
Diocesan School for Girls, New Zealand
Gilmore Foundation
Hertz Foundation
Indus Charitable Foundation
Inter-American Development Bank
Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund
Roosevelt Middle School, IL, US
Roney Family Foundation
Star Family Foundation
William G. Gilmore Foundation
William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation

Individual Donors

Isphana Abbas
Amin Afrassiabi
Zeba Ahmad
Al Anood & Seita Al Saud
Seita Al Saud
Joe Albright
Emily Ambler
Jeanne Anderson
Duby & Sallie Ausley
Anna Barker
Tyler Barker
Ramy Basaddiq
Mara-Michelle Batlin
George Beller
Jim Bierman
James Bjorken
Tracy & Brent Blue
G. Edward Brookshire
Barrett Brown
PS Butcher
Charles Cartwright
Lisa Charbonneau
A. Lawrence Chickering
Lucy Chow
Jeffrey Cianci
Claudia Corra
Bhavesh Dattani
David Denier
Bhavesh Dipika
David & Suzy Dominik
Reade Dornan
Brent & Sarita Eastman
Jean Ferguson
Luara Fontana
Niklas Fors
Jeannette Franks
Julien Garnier
Marilyn N Gaynes
David Gaz
Helen Gradstein
Katherine Graham
Rebecca Gyra
Louise & Ralph Haberfeld
Erlend Hamberg
Barbara & Chuck Herz
Elizabeth Hochman
Phil Hocker
Jan Hunt
Maggie & James Hunt
Ankur Jain
Eunhye Jang
Patricia Jaquith
Ann Eleonor Johansson
Jean & Pete Jorgensen
Pravin Kandhari
William Kerr
George Roberts
Robert E. Kiernan III
Diane & Jerry Kitchen
Marsha Kleinheinz
Laila Kuznezov
Beedee Ladd
Edward & Berthe Ladd
Francesca Leverkus
Frank Levy
Sharon Lewandowski
Priti Malik
Hunter Marrow
Katie McCain
James McIntosh
Amy McReynolds
Christina Mednick
Liz & Tom Niedermeyer
Alexander O’Cinneide
Peter Ordway
Susan Ordway
Tushar Patel
Leslie Petersen
Victoria Plummer
Randall Pond
Paula Price
Allison Prince
Saafir Rabb II
Louise Rizzo
Nathan Rosenberg
Gayatri Sagar
Linda Sakr
Daniel Saliba
Dolly Siddiqui
Christina Singleton
Maryanna Smellow
Edward Stratton-Smith
Tracy Stromberg
Katherine Swartz
Linda Szasz Hardin
Sofiya Tarasev
Jennifer Tennican
Anjula Tyagi
Steve and Amy Unfried
Alex Urdea
Serena Ventura
Carol Wauters
Brian Kie Weissbuch
Donna Winston
Jim & Elaine Wolfensohn
Joelle Wyser-Pratte
Laura & Mark Yockey
Amanda Zantal-Wiener
Paul Zaentz
Silvia Zoulla