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UAE Chapter

By partnering with governments and mobilizing communities, EGG serves to advance girls’ education in identified regions of urgent/immediate need in the developing world. The UAE Chapter in Dubai was founded in November 2014 and is committed to building partnerships and alliances for Educate Girls Globally that will increasingly facilitate application of its award-winning education reform model.

At its inaugural fundraiser in April 2015, over 100 regional benefactors and supporters came together to celebrate the launch of the new UAE Chapter. Attendees learned about EGG’s leadership program for girls, Girls Parliament and the history of the organization. Guests learned how they can make a difference by contributing time and funding. A total of $25,000 USD was raised for EGG’s program in India which is transforming the lives of more than 40,000 girls


Lucy Chow and Bhavesh Dattani, who are both EGG Board Members, are the co-founders of the UAE Chapter. Lucy is also the founder of The Elements Group, a firm based in Dubai, which creates business-focused events that target captains of industry and trendsetters in the UAE. Bhavesh serves as General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer at Nomura and is responsible for the Middle East and Africa regions.

Uae Chapter Leaders

Su Bridgman, Education Chair

Get Involved

Volunteer with the UAE Chapter to help further the mission of Educate Girls Globally to transform girls’ lives through quality education. It’s also a great way to meet new people! See below for some ideas on how you can get involved. By leveraging our collective strengths, we can have an even greater impact!

As An Individual With Family, Friends And Your Community:

  • Help plan events and/or help staff events
  • Give small presentations about EGG’s work
  • Get your schools, universities and peers involved
  • Organize a private fundraising dinner at home
  • Ask friends to donate towards EGG instead of gifts at parties and celebrations
  • Organize funded walks, hikes, and other small-scale, easy to manage, projects
  • Encourage your children to get involved
  • Get your community involved
  • Fund/support a specific EGG project

As A Business:

  • Introduce EGG to your business as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies
  • Sponsor an EGG event
  • Inform your employees about the opportunity to get involved at EGG; many love working for companies that support non-profit organizations
  • Fund an activity as part of team building
  • Support a specific EGG project by providing in-kind donations

The above are just some of the ways you can get involved; the opportunities are endless.
Whether you or your organization gets involved on a large or modest scale, you will be feel a great sense of pride and satisfaction.

Contact Us

For more information, email the EGG UAE Chapter at uae@educategirls.org.


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