For Her

Women are often marginalized by cultural stereotypes and expectations. From being categorized as homemakers to being objectified for their appearances, females all over the world are frequently taught to live up to the unrealistic standard of an “Ideal Woman”. Education can entirely change that; books give girls new perspectives, opportunities, and the universal hope for a better, brighter future. The poem “For Her” describes the journey of a girl acknowledging the sexism that surrounds her, defying it, and eventually soaring beyond it.  

For Her

They used to tell me that the world

beyond fences and familiar faces

was simply not for me

 That I was as graceful and as delicate

as a sparrow’s first feather

but too fragile to spread wings

and  take flight

 That the deep blue sky would drown me

and the sunlight’s shafts would burn

 But those letters off the pages

that smell faintly like freedom

brought from the places I yearn to see

 Those words, they fill my mind

my dreams, my heart — the places they cannot see,

calling me, telling me that

I need not heed that piercing call

of the flock

 They used to tell me that

           sparrows musn’t fly alone,

but they know not that I am a wren

weaving wonders wherever I  go

 That I do not chirp, but warble

That I do not look, but see

and when they come for me

I will not fall with a flutter

 I shall soar.


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