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Board of Directors

A. Lawrence Chickering

Founder and President-Emeritus

Lawry has dedicated more than 30 years designing and implementing reforms in government institutions to help promote change and empower citizens, especially the disadvantaged. He believes that citizen engagement is the key to reducing conflict in political life as well as to solve real problems. In 1999, Lawry founded Educate Girls Globally to promote education for girls by working with the government and key stakeholders to reform government schools. He is working on adapting EGG’s empowerment model to other development issues, starting with health.

Robert E. Kiernan III


Robert is the CEO of Advanced Portfolio Management (APM), an investment management company based in New York. Prior to APM, he spent twenty years in the capital markets at Salomon Brothers and Lehman Brothers where he led multiple global fixed income and investment banking businesses. Before entering the private sector, he held foreign policy positions in the first Reagan administration at USIA, the National Security Council, and the Department of State. He also has been a Senior Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and is currently a member of the Advisory Board of the Center on Capitalism and Society at Columbia University, the Research Foundation Review Board of CFA Institute, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (London), and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Barbara Herz


Barbara has worked for more than 30 years on improving girls’ education in developing countries. She served at the World Bank, where she launched the Women in Development division and then headed another division covering education, health, and population in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Prior to that, Barbara led the USAID division responsible for policy in education, health and population. Barbara co-authored the book ‘What Works in Girls’ Education: Evidence and Policies from the Developing World’ with Gene Sperling, former Director of the National Economic Council, for the Council on Foreign Relations.


Ankur Jain

Ankur Jain is COO and head of business development at Falchion Capital Management, a long-short technology, media and telecom (TMT) hedge fund based in New York. He previously co-founded a digital marketing agency, which he sold in 2014. Prior to that, he spent most of his career as a senior member of the investment team at BBR, a multi-billion multi-family office, and as VP of marketing at HedgeFund.net. Ankur earned a BA in Economics from University of Michigan and an MBA from The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania.

C.K. Mathew

C.K. is a retired Administrative Service officer who held the post of Chief Secretary to the Government of Rajasthan in India. He has over 35 years of experience in governance and public policy, having held several important assignments such as Principal Secretary to the Government in the departments of Mining, Energy, Irrigation, Education, Information Technology and Finance. C.K. also served as Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister of Rajasthan and is currently a Senior Fellow in the Public Affairs Centre, a think tank organisation, and a Visiting Professor at Azim Premji University in Bangalore. An author of two books and an avid blogger, he was recently awarded the Ph. D in English Literature.

Saafir Rabb II

Saafir is the Chief Executive Officer of InterCulture, a strategic planning and development consulting firm that operates internationally to provide business and entrepreneurship solutions to socially-oriented organizations and enterprises. Among other experiences, Saafir served as the Chief Operating Officer of I Can’t We Can, a unique community development and drug-rehabilitation organization that has received over 100 awards and citations.

Anjula Tyagi


Anjula has worked for more than 20 years on designing and implementing reforms of government school systems and policies. She designed and implemented EGG’s first empowerment model to promote education for girls in primary government schools. Anjula later adapted the model for secondary school reform, addressing the issues of gender inequality, the achievement gap, health and employability of adolescent girls. She was employed as a research associate for ICRW, NUEPA, World Food Program, PLAN and was a Ford Foundation Fellow. Anjula earned her Master’s degree in International Education Policy from Harvard University.

Joelle Wyser-Pratte

Joelle Wyser-Pratte is the Founding Partner of OCP Capital LLC in New York. She co-founded the Ounavarra Foundation, a non-profit charity dedicated to supporting educational causes throughout the world. In addition to serving on EGG’s board, Joelle is active on the advisory boards of the Global Partnerships Forum and the Mariposa DR Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to advancing girls’ education and empowerment throughout the Dominican Republic. She is regular contributor to blogs on girls’ and women’s issues.

Laura Yockey

Laura is active on the Mt. Sinai Surgery Advisory Board in New York City in addition to serving on EGG’s board. She led a trip as an advisor to Uganda in search of a site for Mt. Sinai’s first surgical center. In Laura’s early career as an entrepreneur, she founded her own company where she designed and manufactured children’s clothing. She also served at the Auxiliary of Edgewood Center for Children for numerous years.