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School management Committees

School Management Committee (SMC) leaders are elected, rather than appointed at all EGG-participating schools. They are key stakeholders in helping people in their communities imagine a common future, bringing a common understanding to what they care about and how to improve the quality of education at their schools. SMCs can help meet and implement practical needs.Educate Girls Globally mentors SMCs to hold schools accountable through new processes and procedures. For example, “social monitoring” tracks student and teacher attendance through “social monitoring”). Schools are also required to initiate locally financed school development projects to meet practical needs such as cleaner water and sanitation for students. Each SMC formulates a number of school improvement plans called Action Plans which together are grouped into Whole School Development Plans.

EGG staff provides training to School Management Committees to strengthen their ability to advocate for girls’education and to foster stronger ties among SMC leaders, teachers and students. As a result, these efforts improve the schools’ facilities and learning environment. A research study of 100 schools in Uttarakhand explored the differences between 50 EGG and 50 non-EGG “control” schools to understand the impact after two years of the EGG program. Here are some of the findings. Download the PDF to learn more.

  • SMCs in EGG schools represent elected leaders who invest more time and resources in their schools, teachers and female students.
  • 100% of SMC leaders in EGG schools are elected, rather than appointed, compared to 34% in control schools. This leads to more qualified leaders and stronger community accountability.
  • EGG schools prepared and completed more action plans, compared to control schools.
  • A higher percentage of SMC leaders in EGG schools participated in training.
  • SMCs in EGG schools raised 54% more in funds than the control schools, allowing them to add more new improvements to their schools.