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School Information Campaigns

Educate Girls Globally conducts School Information Campaigns as an entry point into the schools for informed decision-making. This essential part of the EGG’s program serves as the primary instrument of collecting vital information to establish reliable data that can measure progress at the schools.

Baseline information is collected from individual households about drop out girls and from schools about each school’s infrastructure, student-to-teacher ratio and percentage of female teachers as well as student enrollment, attendance and performance. This knowledge is shared with the schools and communities to assist in making “informed decisions” about recommended actions on how to increase enrollment and raise the quality of education for girls. The School Information Campaigns identifies “critical needs” in the schools and unites key stakeholders to focus on school improvements as part of the project implementation.

An evaluation study was conducted with 50 schools that participated in EGG’s two-year pilot program in Uttarakhand, India. See the impact on how girls’ learning and achievement improved based on a comparison of the 2013 baseline findings to the endline results in 2015.

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