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Girls Parliament

Educate Girls Globally transforms girls into leaders through their active engagement in Girls Parliament and Bal Sabhas. These programs empower girls through leadership development and life skills workshops. In addition to academic learning, this competence prepares adolescent girls to think and act differently and be prepared to effectively engage in higher education and business endeavors upon graduation. EGG school graduates can obtain gainful employment that gives them financial independence and greater respect in their communities.

Girls Parliaments (GP) are set up at all EGG-participating middle and high schools. In 2015, nearly 35,000 girls were enrolled in EGG schools in Uttarakhand, India. In this groundbreaking program, girls are elected as GP Ministers and are given the opportunity to take leadership roles during the school year. All GP members conduct regular meetings and take action to solve real-word problems, addressing issues of concern including poor sanitation, early marriage and career choices. For the very first time, girls are given a voice and see they have the ability to influence their own lives.

As a result, schools become “girl-friendly” and EGG schools show higher enrollment, attendance and graduation rates. The local communities become safer, healthier and more equitable for girls. Girls report enormous gains in confidence, skills, commitment to their education and higher self-esteem. Girls Parliament empowers girls to stand up and speak with confidence in a patriarchal society. Learn more about the impact of Girls Parliament and how they are transforming the views and aspirations of many students.

Bal Sabhas (Student Councils) are created at EGG-participating primary and elementary schools to encourage children to participate in matters relevant to their growth and development. Through these Student Councils, children become confident as individuals and interacting with peers in groups so they can aspire for a better future. Children feel motivated and are able to address their problems. This awakening of the self leads to the emergence of leadership skills among the children that leads them to become agents of change as they advance in school and life.