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Educate Girls Globally empowers people and transforms communities by encouraging stakeholders to take ownership of their schools. When community leaders including parents, teachers and girls believe a school will only be as good as they make it, they commit to make it work better. EGG’s empowerment program begins by setting up Gram Shiksha Sabha (GSS) community gatherings to educate parents and other participants on the importance of education for girls. The goal is to inspire and motivate everyone to take responsibility for their schools. The identification and nurturing of “Natural Leaders” has ensured continued community involvement and participation.

By engaging local communities to build social support for girls, this begins to break down socio-cultural barriers that stop girls from going to school. Instead, the community comes together to promote access, achievement and gender parity in education. Schools participating in EGG’s program have made significant efforts and shown tremendous improvement in infrastructure to make schools more “girl-friendly”. This has led to an increase in enrollment, higher performance levels, a decrease in absenteeism and fewer dropout girls. It has also resulted in an increase in the community’s support for their schools and more effective school management committees.

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