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Check out these online resources to learn more about EGG and how our programs are transforming girls’ lives through education. In addition to EGG’s reports, you will also find some other notable papers and studies that examine the progress and challenges of giving all girls equal rights to education. Send us an email at if you have a question or would like to see other materials related to the empowerment of girls and women around the globe.


Empower Adolescent Girls

Empower Adol Girls Image

Step It Up

Step It Up Image

Economic Empowerment for Girls

Econ Empowerment for Girls Image

Community Supported Models

Community Supported Models

Education Transforms Lives

Education Transforms Lives Image

SDG 4. Quality Education

SDG 4. Quality Education Image

Out of School Children

Out of School Children Image

Monitoring Gender Equality

Monitoring Gender Equality Image

Achieving Universal Education

Achieving Universal Education Image

Because I Am A Girl

Because I Am a Girl Image

Investing in Girls

Investing in Girls Image

Education For India

Education for India Image

Engaging Adolescent Girls

Engaging Adolescent Girls

What Works in Girls’ Education

What Works in Girls Education

Fixing the Broken Promise

Fixing the Broken Promise

Girls’ Education Fact Sheet

Girls' Education Fact Sheet

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