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Check out EGG’s online resources to learn more about our work and the programs that are transforming girls’ lives through education. In addition to EGG’s reports, please also refer to more resources published by other organizations that examine the progress and challenges of gender equality and giving all girls a quality education. Send us an email at if you have a question or would like to see other materials related to the empowerment of girls and women around the globe.


EGG Overview

EGG Overview

EGG Backgrounder

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EGG Program Results

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Utterakhand Research Brief

Uttarakhand Research Brief Image

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs Resource Image

Harnessing Human Potential

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What Works in Girls’ Education

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From Research to Action

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Case Studies in Rajasthan

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The Global Schoolgirl

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EGG Helps Educate Girls

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March 2016 Report

March 2016 Report Resource Image

February 2016 Report

February 2016 Program Summary 5.27.16F

January 2016 Report

January 2016 Report Image

December 2015 Report

December 2015

November 2015 Report

November 2015 Report Image

October 2015 Report

October 2015 Report Image

September 2015 Report

September 2015 Report Image

August 2015 Report

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