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EGG works to demonstrate results rigorously, in two ways:


EGG conducts a baseline survey in its program schools and tracks changes in results regularly over time as the program runs.


Absent other major shifts, like an economic upheaval, substantial changes occurring quickly before and after EGG’s program can reasonably be attributed to EGG’s program. But to confirm that nothing else influenced EGG’s results, EGG tries to compare EGG program schools with similar non-program schools, where both groups of schools are selected randomly or arbitrarily in the same setting.

Egg’s Thorough Evaluation

  • Results Before And After Egg’s Program
  • Results In EGG Schools Versus Similar Non-Egg Schools

Results In Rajasthan: 500 Elementary Schools, 37,000 Girls

  • 90% Of Out-Of-School Girls Enrolled, Raising Total Enrollment To 99%
  • Girls’ Math Scores Doubled
  • Half Achieved Math Competence Versus One-Fourth In Non-Egg Schools
  • Cost Under $4 Per Girl Per Year

Results In Uttarakhand: 50 Secondary Schools, 23,000 Girls

  • 72% Of Girls Passed 12th Grade Exams Versus 62% In Non-EGG Schools
  • Four Times As Many Girls In 2016 Chose To Take These Exams
  • Cost Under $7 Per Girl Per Year

Results From Adding New Health Measures In Uttarakhand

  • Girls Gain Knowledge Of How To Improve Health
  • Girls Lead Hand Washing Effort So Popular That They Run Out Of Soap
  • School District Decides To Provide Soap In All Schools
  • Girls Learn To Manage Menstruation And More Easily Attend School

Results From Girls’ Parliaments

  • Girls Advocate Publicly For Education
  • Girls Choose And Run Projects To Improve Schools’ Operation
  • Girls Work With Police To Improve Safety
  • Girls Oppose Child Marriage