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February 2016 Summary

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Monthly Summary

Educate To Empower

Raising Literacy Rates with Girls’ Education

Transforming the lives of girls takes a collaborative effort involving government and community leaders who closely work together to bring about social developments. EGG encourages these stakeholders, guiding them so that the quality of their interactions will lead to the progress and sustainability of school reform that promotes and improves girls’ education. Community participation and an increase in accountability for enrolling and keeping girls in school were seen this month at both EGG project districts. At meetings held by the Girls Parliament, School Management Committees and GSS in schools and villages, challenges as well as triumphs were confronted with determination to give girls better access to a quality education with safer learning environments.

In the month of February, Girls Parliament (GP) in the Udham Singh Nagar district played a vital role in working with EGG on key elements of the program. Three GP meetings were held and six Life Skills Training sessions were conducted that focused on health, hygiene and career counseling. Most girls expressed that they haven’t decided on their dreams in the professional world, so they were very open to discussing options on how to achieve their personal goals, academically and financially. During training, they were directed to study hard, become physically and mentally fit and demonstrate self-confidence to grow and face life challenges.

At GP meetings in the Haridwar district, girls gave feedback about their Life Skills Training, expressing new views and opinions. They shared that they felt confident and these sessions brought some changes in their lives and behavior such as improvements in decision-making, taking better care of their personal health and exploring the knowledge of each other’s rights. The girls also mentioned that LST gave them insight on how to change their attitudes with other women in their families.

They have expressed their gratitude by saying:

“[We have an] improvement of understanding in choosing careers.”

“Now mother is our best friend. We always discuss our matters with her so that we can [have] an experienced suggestion from her.”