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Since 2002, EGGʼs empowerment model has served nearly one million students in over 7,000 primary government schools in India. Additionally, a two-year pilot program was introduced in 2013 to 50 secondary schools that has benefitted over 22,000 girls. The pilot was completed in May 2015 and a new agreement expanded the program into a total of 100 schools. As part of each project, EGG measures the effects to learning, enrollment, attendance and participation.

Learn about the impact from EGG’s first secondary school program. After a two-year period of working with EGG on participatory school reform, schools in 2015 reported a higher retention rate of girls in secondary education. Achievement gains were seen in math and science and a larger percentage of twelfth grade girls are passing state exams and graduating from high school.

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Since the formation of Girls Parliament in our school, a lot of improvement has happened. Discipline was bad but [it] is now better. Girls are encouraged to move forward and towards a bright future. There are certain girls whose family members donʼt allow them to study and Girls Parliament is generating awareness among those parents and providing a helping hand to those girls to continue their studies.

~ Monika, Student, Grade 11
Government Inter College, Dewari
Uttarakhand, India

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