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Educate Girls Globally delivers professional development to teachers so they have creative and interactive approaches to replace rote learning. This new style of teaching leads to a more engaging learning environment and results in improved student performance. EGG provides leader-led training to at least 2 teachers at every project school. These teacher leaders are then responsible for demonstrating the creative learning and teaching techniques to the rest of the school’s teachers so all students can benefit and raise their academic achievement.

CLT Quality Education 4 PhotoUnlike many other non-profit organizations working in global education, EGG focuses on adolescent and pre-adolescent girls in secondary and upper primary schools. From 2000-2015, the Millennium Development Goals increased the access to school for millions of children around the world. Enrollment in primary education in developing countries reached 91% in 2015, up from 83% in 2000. Yet, there is a major challenge in preparing students beyond primary education, especially for adolescent girls. Globally, 62 million girls are not in school and half of them are adolescents. In 2015, world leaders committed to 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Global Goal #4 focuses on ensuring all children have free and quality education through secondary school. When girls have the opportunity to enroll in and complete secondary education, there are significantly higher returns for them and their families.

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