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Educate Girls Globally thanks all our partners, donors and volunteers that make up our community. We greatly value your contributions in time, talent and treasure. Without your ongoing support, the work we do to transform girls’ lives through education would not be possible.

Through our combined resources and efforts, we have built a foundation for successful school reform. In 2013, we piloted a two-year program in 50 secondary government schools in Uttarakhand, India that served 22,000 adolescent girls. Post-evaluation results show that the girls who participated in the EGG program attended school at a higher rate, had higher test scores and were more likely to graduate from twelfth grade. In 2015, we began the next phase – a three-year sustainability project of transitioning the management of the program to the schools and government leaders.

With your continued support, we can strengthen this foundation and move forward to empower and educate more girls. By working with the government which is now firmly managing there current school projects, EGG can plan and implement expansion throughout the state and country Over the course of this transition to the government, the costs per student will decline as the government steps in to invest more in education.

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