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EGG’s mission is to empower all major stakeholders to reform government schools and promote economic and social change even in the most traditional and tribal communities.


Educate Girls Globally (EGG) was founded in 1999 by A. Lawrence Chickering. His background in public policy ignited EGG’s strategy for partnering with governments to promote girls’ education and reform government schools. In 2002, EGG’s first operational project began in 50 government schools in Uttarakhand, India. Working with a local partner, the pilot encompassed 1,400 primary schools in the most traditional and tribal communities. The International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) highlighted the significance of EGG’s model, stating it “appears to accomplish a cultural shift in traditional communities, shifting them away from fatalistic passivity… to a more active, conscious, creative frame of mind.” This cultural change is the most powerful effect of the model – when change creates other, multiple potential effects.

In 2006, EGG expanded into Rajasthan, India by partnering with the State Ministry of Education and the World Economic Forum. Growing from 50 to 500 schools by 2008, EGG founded an independent organization to increase its impact in India. The project served one entire district – 2,342 schools enrolling 260,000 children – and later extended into three more districts, reaching nearly 7,000 schools by 2014.

In 2013, EGG expanded its model to secondary education and launched a pilot project in Uttarakhand, India in 50 schools serving 22,000 girls. The pilot was completed in 2015 and EGG added a second district, now serving nearly 35,000 girls. This success has led to partnerships with the India Ministry of Science and Technology (on teaching math and science to girls), the National Institute of Open Schools and the HNB Garhwal University. Encouraged by the Ministries, EGG is now preparing to expand to 500 schools in Uttarakhand. To offer its school reform model into other countries, EGG is developing a cadre of expert trainers to improve girls’ education around the world.

Educating girls [is] one of the best and most cost-effective ways to spur development. It is positively correlated with increased economic productivity, more robust labor markets, higher earnings and improved societal health and well-being.
~ World Bank

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